Are You Exhausted from trying to be Stronger than How You feel?

“Fake it till you make it” can be EXHAUSTING! It is basically telling someone it is okay to pretend that everything is okay when it is not, until it happens.

Ask yourself: Pretending to be happy is same as feeling happy?

If you keep pushing your let downs under the carpet to appear confident to the world, you will end up getting exhausted at some point.

It is exhausting trying to be grateful when life gets harder and harder, exhausting trying to be happy when the pain is gnawing at your heart, exhausting trying to meet people’s expectations and standards constantly. Exhausting trying for so long for so many things.

Sometimes the more you fall down, getting back up becomes harder and harder. You start feeling guilty and ashamed that you are doing something wrong, that ‘gratitude’ ritual is not working for you, ‘positive thinking’ is not your magic pill.

The way you feel affects how you act. But you are not a slave to exhaustion. Take a look at a few simple tips to get you started on that bridge from exhaustion to excitement.

1. Change Your Coping Method

So, what’s your coping method? Addiction, depression, disconnection, isolation are all like fuzzy blankets that fulfills your need for protection. They help you to cope with exhaustion because you are too tired of trying. Recognize the early signs of these coping methods and focus on total wellness instead.

2. Give Your Mind a Rest

Sometimes you just need to slow down, reorder your priorities. Patience is the key. Face the reality that you do not control everything. Learn to trust and surrender to forces larger than yourself. Yes, still do your work diligently, study hard but give up the unnecessary pressure you have created on yourself. Create the space for rest and inner development.

3. Refuel Your Emotions

Listen to your favorite power tunes. Listen to a motivating podcast. Check out the latest blogs. Anything that fuels up your emotions. Do what keeps you inspired and energized. If you want to feel more of joy, coax small moments of joy in your life. If you want to cultivate gratitude, write a thank you note to someone who means a lot to you.

4. Change Your Words

Your words can create an emotional chaos. Saying ‘I am exhausted’ has a severe biochemical effect in your body than saying ‘I am feeling down.’ Identify the emotional vocabulary you are using daily that is intensifying your exhaustion. Soften your emotional words.

5. Make a 1 inch shift

What small action can you take today to make a difference? It is okay to take baby steps in the beginning than making a grand leap. What small change in your habitual thought process can lessen your suffering? Think in small changes that will yield to big results.

6. Praise Yourself

Find a new way to see yourself. Divorce the old way of beating yourself up. Change your lens of seeing what is wrong with you to all the reasons why you are awesome. Compliment yourself. If someone compliments you, accept them with a smile and feel the praise in your heart. You deserve more credit. 

Noone is all time safe from exhaustion. You don’t need to tough it out, double down, or be jinxed in a blame game. Test out the 6 tips and do them diligently for 10 days. You will find a lot less exhaustion and lot more excitement. The more excited you are, the more exciting your life will be – your work, your friends, your family.

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