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On A Mission

Elevate Your Emotions, Elevate Your Life


We all dream to live free of pain, and full of joy. Don’t you?
We all dream to be free of the chains of fear, doubt, anxiety. Don’t you?
We all dream to feel good, emotionally fit and healthy. Don’t you?

If you said ‘Yes’ to any one of the above, Emotional Empowerment Lounge is the right place for you. 

In this time of change, don’t lose your way in your emotions. You can decide now no matter how much pain, fear, stress is around you, you can consciously create and cultivate your own emotions, design your own wellbeing and transform your own life.

Emotional Empowerment Lounge is now a virtual live event with Dr. Navana to connect and create empowered emotions for an empowered YOU, share your stories, ask deep meaningful questions, uncover your authentic self, find inspiration and support from likeminded people.

What you’ll get:

  • Exclusive guidance and inspiration directly from Dr. Navana
  • Talk about your biggest emotional barriers and how to get over them
  • Answers you have been looking for in life but never asked before
  • A safe space to be your authentic self, to feel heard and understood
  • Support on your journey towards an empowered emotional state of clarity, self-love, peace and joy

Emotion ripples…a single wave of joy and gratitude from one person ripples out to touch another and another. The purpose is to reach out to users in every corner of the world to transform your emotions, transform your lives.

If you resonate with the mission, join us now for an epic journey. Be the positive change and ripple out the positive inspiration to thousands of others.

Empower Your Emotions! Empower Your World!

Next Event On:

Date: 6 February 2021
Time: 10:00 AM – 10:50 AM (UAE Time) / 11:30 AM – 12:20 PM (India Time)
Location: Zoom details will be sent by email to all participants.
Topic: Creating New Reality with Self-Love
Please note: this is a free event.

More information coming soon.

Be Inspired! Be the Inspiration!

– Dr. Navana Kundu

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