5 Practical Tips to Build Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is that important opinion you have about yourself. While a few might have self-doubts about their abilities, there are a few people who are highly motivated to achieve their goal.

I say, “Loving or hating the life you are living depends on your self-esteem.” What do you feel you deserve in life? Do you celebrate yourself when you achieve something great? Or, do you get discouraged by the opinions of people? These are the signs of your self-esteem being affected. It is nothing but how worthy you feel of yourself. 

The true meaning of Self-Esteem

The word ‘Esteem’ is derived from the Latin word ‘aestimare’ which simply means “to value” or “estimate”. In a nutshell, self-esteem is your emotional appraisal of your worth or value. 

I truly believe that self-esteem affects the life of an individual in many ways. If you have high self-esteem, you will not allow yourself to be chronically mistreated, victimized or bullied by anyone. It affects the standard of your life. The level of your success depends on how worthy and happy you feel about yourself. 

To be the best, you must surround yourself with the best. The change begins within yourself. So, I suggest everyone to never feel inferior by people’s opinions. Either way, if you are wondering how to boost self-esteem; here are some of my important tips.

5 important tips to improve your self-esteem 

Celebrate Your ‘Wins’

 You must enjoy the small things in life. Whatever you do, make sure you celebrate the best out of it. Give your 100 per cent and always credit yourself for the smallest of victories daily. Be your spectator and motivate yourself. The more you feel confident about small wins in life, the more you will stretch your capacity to achieve big wins. Always remember that the smallest of things have the largest impact on a person’s life. 

Sort Your Emotions

The “Law of Reversibility,” says “If you feel a certain way, you will act in a manner consistent with that feeling.” Understand your emotions well and keep a track about your emotional patterns. Make a note of how comfortable or uncomfortable you feel with certain people, places and incidents. When you completely understand and manage your emotions, your self-esteem will gradually grow. It will give you a better idea of what you are doing.  

Talk Positive

Words have a lasting impact on people’s lives. Make sure that you choose your words positively and wisely. Change the negative into positive, and see how your life changes for good.

Replace “Everything is terrible right now” to “I am doing my best”. Never say “I don’t feel great today”, but believe that great things are happening with you.

I agree with Gary Vee when he said that people fail as managers because of  lack of self-esteem. “There’s no place for insecurity in leadership. If you didn’t have self-esteem instilled in you as a kid, or if you didn’t develop it along the way, you need to find an outlet to create it.” – Gary Vee

Get Kind with Mirror Exercise:

The best exercise is to compete with yourself. In simple words, all you have to do is talk to yourself and believe that you are the best version of yourself. Lock the door, look in the mirror and confidently tell yourself that you are not willing to accept anything less than you deserve. Appreciate your flaws and tend to accept things the way they are. 

I feel that mirror work is easy and a fun process. Make it a part of your daily journey and see how things change for you.  

Don’t be too hard on yourself:

The voice from within which says that you are doing your best can change your life. Always make an effort to be kind to yourself and don’t restrict yourself from anything. Be disciplined, but also make sure that you are not strict to yourself. If you are strict to yourself, there might be a time you might lose interest from the joys of life. Be jolly and easy-going, and expect the smallest surprises of life. 

All in all, boosting self-esteem creates self-confidence, self-fulfilment every day. You feel better when you take a charge on how to improve your life. Empathy, kindness and motivation are some of the key aspects you must have in life to boost your self-esteem.

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